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Serop's History

Serop's - A Family Tradition

The Family Business

The year was 1972 when Serop Kaltakdjian, of Armenian descent, converted his shoe repair shop into a family-run sandwich shop known as Serop's. It was truly a family operated business with his wife, Marie, helping cook and creating family recipes, while building an opporutnity for their children to work and earn a few dollars for weekend spending money. This sandwhich shop is where Serop and Marie's eldest son, Vasken, learned abou the business, discoverd his passion for food and began to understand hard, honest work yielsds great rewards - a value that is stll ingrained in the family today.
In 1978, Serop wanted a better future for his family, especially his children, so they sold the sandwich shop to a local and immigrated to America. The original Serop's sandwich shop is still open in the very same location today.
A New Beginning
Sserop's Restaurant, with an adjoining Mediterranean market, opened in 1979 on Government Street in what is now Baton Rouge's Mid-City. The famly converted an old fuel station into a fine dining restaurant. When Serop and Marie brought their family to Baton Rouge they also brought their culture, their great food traditions and Marie's family recipes. They were the first to introduce Greek and Lebanese food to this city, offering locals something new and unique. Serop's, serving great food and entertaining guests with belly dancers, was host to weddings, parties, and many other social gatherings inside this historic landmark. Though it was truly something this great City was not accustomed to experiencing, the people of Baton Rouge embraced the new dining fare and welcomed the family.
Growing Pains
Serop's Restaurant on Government Street was a great success. The family was ready to expand but wanted to downsize to a smaller establishment while continuing to offer the same great tasting, unique food. The café conept became a reality when Serop's youngest son, Johnny, opened the first Serop's Café in 1998.
In the year 2000, Vasken opened a second Serop's Café location on Corporate Boulevard. It was during this time when the original Serop's Restaurant was closed. This was only a minor growing pain as the two Serop's Café locations continued to prosper.
Into the Modern Age
In early 2001, Serop's eldest son, Vasken, who has been in the family business since the early days of the sandwich shop in Damascus, had a dream. He dreamt of a restaurant that serves healthy, quality, fast-fod style Greek and Lebanese cuisine with the Serop's namesake. Later that year, Vasken was able to fulfill his dream when he opened the first Serop's Express in Mid-City Baton Rouge.
The Present
Serop's eXpress is still going strong. We take pride in our delicious Greakk and Lebanese cuisine that still upholds traditional family recipes. Serop's strives to provide the highest quality food and service to our guests, while even adapting to the modern age by adding a drive-thru for our on-the-go customers who want a quick and healthy meal.
To This Day, Serop's Is Family Owned and Operated.
From Our Family to Yours: Welcome to Serop's Express 
Note: The pomegranate is a symbol of prosperity in the Armenian culture.
Left Top
Serop Kaltakdjian, founder of Serop's, seated with a staff member in front of the first sandwich shop in Damascus.

Left Bottom
Serop Kaltakdjian and his son, Vasken, working the counter together at the sandwich shop in Damascus

Bottom Right, Left Image
The late Serop Kaltakdjian in front of his namesake restaurant: Serop's Express, Baton Rouge LA, 2009

Bottom Right, Right Image
Vasken Kaltakdjian and his son, Serop, in front of the current Baton Rouge Mid-City location of Serop's Express

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